What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

There are a lot of myths surrounding hypnotherapy and these can, unfortunately, deter some people from trying it.  Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, highly effective therapy, which is actually very pleasant and relaxing.  Under hypnosis, you are completely in control and can come out of your deep, relaxed state at any time.  You are aware of, and will able to able to recall anything that is said during a session, just like you would in a normal conversation. 

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing to your session.  The length of the sessions can vary but usually last around an hour and a half, although weight loss and smoking cessation sessions are generally longer.  At the initial consultation, we’ll have already discussed the issue and what you hope to achieve from hypnotherapy, so we will be able to start treatment in your first proper session.

Once you are ready, you will lie back in a comfortable, reclining chair.  I will then lead you through an induction which will allow you to enter a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.  Once you have reached a deep state of consciousness, the hypnotherapeutic intervention can begin. 

At the end of your hypnotherapy session, you will generally feel positive, calm and relaxed.  Depending on the session, I may give you some techniques to try at home to further enhance the work we have done in the session.


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